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Buy Nursing Uniforms Wholesale and in Bulk, from the Mediscrubs Online Store

If you run a dental practice or are in charge of the uniform ordering for a major hospital, it can seem like you are consistently running out of scrubs, lab coats, nursing uniforms and other medical uniform supplies. With uniforms consistently being used, cleaned, damaged and replaced, it’s tough to keep up with the demand.

Luckily, there is an easy way to buy nursing uniforms online and in bulk. Mediscrubs is like the Amazon.com of medical uniforms. No matter what you need in the medical uniform category it a bulk order of nursing uniforms or a smaller quantity of lab coats you can find it and order it on our site. Best of all, we sell all of our nursing uniforms and other supplies for wholesale prices, and we offer additional discounts and benefits for bulk and group orders!

Businesses That Trust Mediscrubs with Their Medical Uniform Needs

Mediscrubs is far more than an upstart online vendor with just a small number of loyal clients. Indeed, over the years, we have supplied nursing uniforms, medical scrubs, lab coats and other supplies to all major public and private hospitals throughout Australia. Think of any hospital in the country, and there is a good chance that someone on staff there knows about us and has ordered from us in the past.

We aren’t just a medical uniform supplier for hospitals, either. On the contrary, we frequently sell bulk nursing uniforms to a broad range of other healthcare organisations as well, from large corporate entities to small, locally owned and operated private practices. Our clients include veterinarians, dentists, nursing homes and other long-term care agencies and nursing or medical schools.

Our product range is also so varied and versatile that our clientele has branched out beyond core patient healthcare. Indeed, at Mediscrubs, we also now serve funeral services, manufacturing companies, laboratories, universities, and private schools. Any place that needs medical scrubs, lab coats, or other versatile work uniforms can shop with us and get the same benefits that our healthcare clients get.

At Mediscrubs, our client base isn’t even limited to Australia anymore. We also ship medical and nursing uniforms to international clients, at the same great wholesale prices that we offer to customers who live and work in Australia.

Buy Nursing Uniforms Online Today!

If you are unsure of whether or not to work with Mediscrubs for your wholesale nursing uniform needs, visit us online to view our products and prices. You can find our online store at www.mediscrubs.com.au. The site has numerous product categories, with our medical scrubs divided into men’s and women’s ranges. Of course, we offer nursing uniforms online in various colours and styles, so that you can better match the uniforms your staff members are currently wearing. We can also provide embroidery services for your wholesale nursing uniforms, for a more personal touch!

Should you have any questions while you shop for nursing uniforms in Mediscrub’s online store, feel free to contact us directly. We are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the week and can be reached on (07) 5537 6443.

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3 Pocket Scrub Top Women’s – Aubergine 3PKTA

$32.67 $26.14

3 Pocket Scrub Top Women’s – Black 3PKTBL


3 Pocket Scrub Top Women’s – Burgundy 3PKTBU


3 pocket Scrub Top Women’s – Caribbean 3PKTC